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Doesnt let you scan fax Do not buy. They have to update it for iOS 10

Garbage doesnt work

Garbage doesnt work.

Waste of money and time

Does not work will not allow scanning or anything just comes up with a blank screen I want my money back

Faxing costs extra

The app requires a membership with Interfax that costs extra. The description says the app price covers fax integration for a minimum of 1 year. I assumed this meant faxes for the first year were included. Not so. Do not buy. Not worth it.

Unstable in 4s, iOS 5.1.1

I thought the whole App store thing was supposed to keep poor apps like this from being on our devices?!?! Stays open for only a few seconds, making any function useless. Not intuitive to use. I want my $5 back. AVOID.


Не покупайте! Сплошной глюк на iPad. Интерфейс школярский. Стыдно, не хорошо! Do not buy! Solid glitch on the iPad. Students interface. Its shame on you, not good!

Will not respond

It freezes up. Will not let me make a selection and my fone freezes. Will not let me go back

How do I get out off help page

Downloaded app went to help page. Now there is no way for me to get out. I turn app off. Get back in to it. And it still puts me in the hep page


Reading the app description gives one the impression that a scanner can be used, try reading it again! Also got to the help page and couldnt off it, that plus no response from the request for help I sent, did not make me a happy camper (especially after paying 5.00 for the app)

Why pay again

I thought this was an update. Same name as one I had bought before. What did I miss. Not pleased.

Very Useful...I like It

Really useful for professionals like me who often need to scan documents and email. The fax feature is especially useful though it requires you to spend few minutes in setting up your account for the first time. Overall a great app for the price.

Do not work

This application does not work. I deleted and reinstalled many times and still not working. The worst part is the difficulty to get a refund. Emailed and no response. I hate business like this.

Ipad user

Bad app! "scanner" is just to take a picture of the document. Fax need to be paid. Waste of both time and money

It doesnt work

Dont buy this app , it is so bad , it doesnt work . I wouldnt even give it one star

not so great

You have to open an account with inter fax for a minimum of 10 dollars on top of the purchase price for the app and the faxes are unreadable. Im hoping to get a refund.

Need a refund

Scan doesnt work. The app keeps freezing and then crashes.

Rip Off

You have to buy a service to use - NOT WORTH IT!

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